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Long Lasting Reed Diffuser

Long Lasting Reed Diffuser


Create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere in your home with these long lasting Reed Diffuser. Infused with high quallity fragances, this stylish diffuser provides a long-lasting and continuous scent. Enjoy the soothing aromas and transform your space into a sanctuary of tranquility.

  • Each diffuser comes with 10 reeds and available in 17 tantalising fragrances.

    Follow all safety advice on label with product.

    Volume 200mls 

  • Click for full fragrance desciptions.

    Filling your space with these fragrances will impress you for months.


    No 1. Lemongrass Passionsfuit- when these combined, its citrus with a punch!


    No 2. Australian Sandalwood, Bergamont & Amber - A rich, woody blend ( Best Seller )


    No 3. Fresh Hay, Amber & Iris - Homely, Layered & Earthy 


    No 4. Sugar & Spice- Sweet Vanilla Chai Meets Christmas


    No 5. ( NEW) Bergamont, Cedarwood & Lemonpeel, Clean & Pure


    No 6. Amber, Sandawood & Musk-  the perfect mix. Woody yet slighty sweet


    No 7. French Pear- Classic, fruity and warm


    No 8. Rose, Balsam & Geranium- Floral yet Velverty & Intense


    No 9. Japanese Honeysuckly- Sweet Floral Heaven ( Best Seller ) 


    No 9b. Jasmine, Freesia and Mandarin- True to life- the Exotic flower that is  Jasmine 


    No 10. Caramel Macciato-  Intense Espresso with caramel sweetness


    No 11. Lychee, Berries & Musk- Delicate  Fruits combine to create just the right amount of sweetness.


     No 12. Lemongrass, Clary Sage & Peppermint- Clean & Uplifting


    No 13. Australian Bush- Smells like you are strolling through the Eucalptus Forests.  BEST SELLER Woody


    No 14. Sandalwood  vanilla- Woody Earty Insence


    No 15. Bamboo, Cederwood & Musk- Masculin & Fresh


    No 16. Sugar cane, Honey & Musk- Sweet but burns warm & Cosy

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